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Solo: A Star Wars Story reminds us that no one knows how to say Han’s name

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Solo: A Star Wars Story — and, more specifically, Donald Glover — will pay homage to one of the more puzzling aspects of the original trilogy: Lando Calrissian and his unexplained ability to make everyone mispronounce Han’s name.

Since the original trilogy, there’s been some debate on the true pronunciation of “Han.” Lando consistently uses a version that rhymes with “can,” while characters like Luke doggedly stick to “hon.” Last year, YouTuber Khai Button helpfully collected a comparison comprised of moments from the original trilogy.

You could almost chalk the difference entirely up to Lando, except that George Lucas himself seems to use Can Han. Curiously, other characters throughout the original trilogy will also occasionally slip into that pronunciation, including Leia to C-3PO, especially when Lando is around. Glover, clearly invoking Billy Dee Williams’ take on the character, has offered his final thoughts on the matter.