Microsoft Tribe


I see Microsoft more closer to Adobe than IBM


The reason I say this is because everybody knows who Adobe is, while they’ve never ever been a consumer company, they do have some consumers products that people know of Adobe CC, Microsoft equivalent would be Office 365 or Microsoft 365, Adobe also does many other products that consumers don’t know of, Azure is kind of the same thing, but lots of people know what Azure is and know that it’s one of the most popular cloud offerings in the duopoly field. Google, IBM are increasingly irrelevant in that field.

Both are thriving very well and are both growth companies. IBM is kind of different since they haven’t been able to get into the AI and cloud field of things.

So no I don’t consider Microsoft closer to IBM, it’s more closely resembles Adobe than anything else, both have prosumer products that consumers know of.

though Xbox is an exception and Microsoft has been aggressively investing in Game Pass, so don’t be surprised if MS buys a game studio to establish their game monopoly.

but in terms of being the main giants for data, AI etc. Microsoft will always be part of that circle along with Facebook, Google.

i know that IBM and MS compete in multiple fields, however in terms of future, growth, appeal to consumers, Microsoft is very much similar to Adode, except a much more giant version of them.