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AT&T’s prepaid plans are getting better, as long as you auto pay

AT&T’s prepaid plans are getting better, as long as you auto pay

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AT&T has steadily improved its prepaid phone plans over the past few years, and today, it’s making a few more additions and improvements. The highlight is a new 8GB plan that costs $50 per month, but comes down to $40 per month if you enroll in automatic monthly payments to renew service. While that might not be possible for all customers, it’s not a huge ask since many people will be using the service as a regular, monthly plan anyway.

The new 8GB plan more or less replaces the 6GB plan that AT&T used to sell for $45 ($40 with auto pay), though customers will still be able to get it in stores if they want. As long as you’re getting the discount though, there’s no reason not to upgrade, since the new plan has an extra 2GB of data and no downsides. Both plans also support rollover data, allowing you to use any extra data from the prior month.

In addition to the 8GB plan, AT&T is also tweaking its $65 unlimited plan by bringing the price down to $55, instead of $60, when customers use auto pay. That plan isn’t exactly unlimited, since you can’t stream HD videos or use tethering. AT&T is also upgrading its somewhat-more-unlimited plan, which costs $85 per month and does include HD video and some tethering, so that it includes 10GB of tethering data instead of just 6GB.

Altogether, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything to complain about here. The 8GB plan is basically AT&T’s new general-purpose prepaid data plan; and at that price, it’s a pretty good deal — for comparison: Verizon’s $40 plan only offers 3GB of data.

Correction April 20th, 12:36PM ET: Because of a typo, this story initially said the old price of the $65 plan with auto pay was $50, instead of $60. The price is being lowered.