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Wolfenstein II is coming to the Nintendo Switch in June

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Bethesda has been slowly bringing some of its best games to the Nintendo Switch, and that will continue in June with the launch of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Today the publisher revealed that the game will hit Nintendo’s tablet on June 29th. The Switch port was originally announced back in September alongside a new version of Doom; the demonic first-person shooter launched on the Switch last year, and it was a surprisingly great port. The same goes for Skyrim, the open-world fantasy epic that felt particularly at home on Nintendo’s portable / console hybrid. While there will likely be some visual and performance trade-offs in the move to the Switch, Bethesda says that the new version of Wolfenstein II will include the “complete, uncensored, award-winning story and signature gameplay” of the original. You can check it out in action for the first time in the trailer above.