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Walmart tests grocery deliveries via DoorDash

Walmart tests grocery deliveries via DoorDash


Starting in Atlanta

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Image: DoorDash

Walmart is partnering with DoorDash to power its online grocery delivery service, which will start in Atlanta and eventually expand across the United States.

The service will be similar to the delivery option Walmart first started offering last month. If you’re within one of the new delivery areas, you’ll be able to select that as an option along with a time window that you’d like your order delivered in. Then, Walmart will have one of its team members go through and put all your items together — just like the company does with its existing online pickup system — and pass the package off to DoorDash, which will deliver your order.

It’s all pretty straightforward, and it’s something that seems to make a lot of sense for Walmart. The company already has most of the infrastructure in place for online grocery orders, and by partnering with DoorDash to offer delivery in addition to pickup, the company can easily offer even better service without making a huge investment into building its own delivery service.