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Instagram now lets you share multiple photos and videos at once on Stories

Instagram now lets you share multiple photos and videos at once on Stories

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Image: Instagram

Instagram has announced a couple updates to Stories on Android, including the ability to upload multiple photos and videos all at once.

Previously, if you wanted to post several photos or videos to your Instagram story, you would have to go through the process for every individual piece of media. Now, when Android users go to upload media, there will be a new icon in the top right corner of the screen. Once you tap it, your phone’s gallery will display and you can select up to 10 photos and videos to post in one shot. Once the content is selected, you’ll see a preview of how it all looks together, and have the option to add stickers, text, and other decorations to each one before uploading everything.

Being able to scoop a bunch of photos and videos to post at once is super handy and a time saver in several situations. Sometimes, you might want to hold on to things you’ve shot to make sure it’s perfect before posting. Alternatively, there have been times where I’m traveling in places with little to no reception, and have to wait in order to share things I captured during the day.

Along with this update, Instagram has also made another tweak with posting to your story. When you share a photo or video, the location sticker will automatically suggest places around where it was captured. It’s a nice little shortcut, and could also help if you need a memory jog.

These updates are now available on Android, and will be coming to iOS in the following weeks.