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Gmail for Android is getting a snooze feature

Gmail for Android is getting a snooze feature

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Google launched the new version of Gmail today, and some of the features from Google’s other email client, Inbox, have come with it. As noted by Android Police, the snooze function has been carried over for web and is now making its way to the Gmail app on Android.

If you have snooze available on mobile, it won’t have its own icon in the top bar the way it did in Inbox. Instead, you can access snooze by tapping the overflow icon in the top right corner when viewing an email. Once snooze is selected, you can choose when you’d like the email to pop up at the top of your inbox, with options like “later today,” “tomorrow,” and “this weekend.” You can also choose a custom time and date if you wish. When using the new Gmail on web, snooze now appears in a hover menu over each message along with other actions like archive, delete, and mark as read.

Not all Android users have access to snooze at the moment, and Android Police says it has seen it appear for both users of the old and new versions of the Gmail app.