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Microsoft follows Google and ditches its pistol emoji for Windows

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New pistol emoji for Windows

Google and Facebook both committed to ditching the pistol emoji earlier today, leaving Microsoft as the only major platform with a realistic handgun emoji. Microsoft now says it’s planning to ditch the pistol, too. “We are in the process of evolving our emojis to reflect our values and the feedback we’ve received,” says Microsoft in a Twitter message, revealing a water gun replacement for the pistol emoji.

Apple, WhatsApp, Samsung, and Twitter have all switched to water guns in recent years, after Microsoft switched from its sci-fi space blaster to a real firearm back in 2016. As the debate over gun violence in the US intensifies, it’s clear Microsoft doesn’t want to be seen as the only major platform not switching to a water gun. It’s not clear exactly when Microsoft will implement this change in Windows 10, but we’ve reached out to the company for more information.