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Sprint is reportedly announcing a new Unlimited 55+ plan for seniors on May 18th

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Two unlimited lines for $70 per month, if you’re 55 or older

Sprint store (STOCK)

Sprint is reportedly announcing a new unlimited plan for people 55 years and older on May 18th, according to Android Police, in order to better compete with T-Mobile, which started offering a similar plan for seniors last year.

The Sprint plan — also said to be called Unlimited 55+, just like T-Mobile’s — offers one line of unlimited service for $50 a month, or two lines for $70, assuming you’re 55 or older.

Image: Sprint (via AndroidPolice)

It’s a similar deal to T-Mobile’s plan, which also offers two lines of unlimited data for $70 a month (or $50 for one line), but if you’re a Sprint customer who meets the age criteria, it’s pretty much a no-brainer, considering Sprint typically charges $100 per month for two unlimited lines.

Price aside, the Unlimited 55+ plans are identical to Sprint’s regular unlimited offerings, with unlimited talk, text, data, 3G mobile hotspot, and 2G texting and data internationally, along with Sprint’s use-case specific speed caps (which limits video to 480p, music streaming to 500 kbps, and gaming streaming to 5 Mbps.)

Sprint hasn’t formally announced the plan yet, but if Android Police’s leak is to be believed, it’ll be available next month on May 18th.

Correction: T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plan costs $70 per month for two people, not $60 a month as this post originally claimed.