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Dragon Quest VR is coming to Japan this month

Dragon Quest VR is coming to Japan this month

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Dragon Quest, arguably the most popular video game series of all time in Japan, is getting its first VR entry. Dragon Quest VR is coming to Bandai Namco’s VR Zone in Shinjuku, Tokyo, later this month — the same location that plays host to the stunning VR version of Mario Kart.

“It’s honestly like a dream,” series creator Yuji Horii says in the announcement trailer.  “I really felt like I was holding a sword and shield and walking through the world — I thought it was incredibly fun.” The trailer doesn’t show off any gameplay footage, but you can see people playing the game on Vive headsets with tracked sword and shield controllers in a free-roaming environment. 

VR Zone will start taking reservations to play Dragon Quest VR from April 20th, and the game will be available on April 27th. The next entry in the mainline series, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, will be released for PC and PS4 in the West on September 4th following a rapturous reception in Japan last year.