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What old tech do you use and why?


I saw a guy in the library on campus using an HTC One M8 and I just found it endlessly fascinating as someone who’s online far too often debating the merits of phones 11 months old or younger and almost completely forgetting about anything older.

While the latest iPhones, Pixels, Macs, Galxies, and Surfaces may be the objects of our discourse it isn’t the what the whole world runs on. There are people out there still using 4 year old phones! There are still people out there lugging around their disk-drive MacBook Pros like they’re a precious appendage! And to me that’s far more interesting than a new iPad with a spec bump and the people with the luxury to endlessly upgrade.

So what old tech are you still using and why? What’s it like using it? Do you prefer it to what’s out there now because of features the rest of the world left behind? Old tech in this case being phones 4 years old or older, and laptops 6 years old or older. It doesn’t just have to be laptops or phones either. Sound off in the comments!