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Tinder is testing looping video profile pictures

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Tinder Loops is currently being trialled on iOS in Canada and Sweden

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Micro videos have been trendy since Vine (RIP), and later Boomerang, made the format fun and easy to shoot. Now, Tinder is currently testing a two-second looping video feature for profiles that’s similar to Boomerang and Facebook’s own profile videos.

Tinder Loops is the dating app’s first video-based feature, and it’s currently being tested for iOS users in Canada and Sweden. Users can upload videos from their phone and trim the footage within the Tinder app.

GIF: Tinder

Though it gives users another way of expressing their best selves, it does put a bit of pressure on crafting the perfect loop to put on your profile. How does one skillfully create a two-second loop that signifies who they are as a person? Selecting still photos is hard enough. If you’re struggling, the update does allow users to have three additional photos or Loops on their profile (for a total of nine), so at least you have plenty of chances to show your true self. Tinder did not specify when Loops will appear outside of its current testing markets.