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Plex’s VR movie app comes to the Gear VR

Plex’s VR movie app comes to the Gear VR


Lounge around with your friends but not actually be with them

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Image: Google

In January, the popular media streaming app Plex announced a new VR app that allowed users to watch movies and TV shows on their own or together with friends in VR. It was a cool idea, though compatibility was restricted to just the Google Daydream. Now, there’s good news for Plex users with different VR headsets who want to lounge around with their friends but not actually be with them: Plex has brought its VR movie app to the Gear VR courtesy of the Oculus store.

There are three environments you can watch movies in, including a luxury apartment, a deep space scene known as “the void,” and a drive-in theatre — the first two are free but the drive-in requires a Plex Pass subscription. Once you start a movie or show, the content takes up a large percentage of your visual field. Users can also point and click to play content, grab videos to get a close-up look of cover art, and place videos on the lounge to watch later. Plex VR supports 360-degree, 180-degree, and 3D videos.


To use Plex VR with friends you need a Plex Pass, but watching on your own in VR is free. Plex currently allows Google Daydream users to invite up to four other friends to watch a movie with you, so it’s likely support will be similar for Gear VR.

The Plex app for Gear VR (and eventually the Oculus Go) is available now, but the watch together feature, which includes voice chat with friends, won’t be available on the headset for a few weeks.