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Mac DeMarco made a music video for the cat who lives behind his garage

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Call him Cat DeMarco (actually, it’s Pickles)

Mac DeMarco’s most recent album is called This Old Dog, but his most recent video stars a cat. A cat named Pickles, probably. As Mac notes in the song description, “Pickles lives behind the garage.”

We’re not given much more biographical information about Pickles the cat beyond that, but maybe Pickles is not the kind of cat who makes these things readily apparent. He’s just a cat who wants to listen to some groovy keyboard funk created by the guy who lives in the house next to his garage.

In the video, Pickles sits on a ledge eating what is probably cat food but could also pass for raw ground beef. Then he licks his lips and stalks away. It’s hard to say, as an outside observer, what Pickles actually thinks about DeMarco’s song for him, but it’s a very nice gesture from our boy Mac anyway.