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Steps in To-Do


I've been using To-Do for the past few months as a part of Office 365 at work and noticed today that they introduced a new feature called steps. They're basically sub-tasks that you can check off as you finish them to sandwich a bunch of items together under a parent umbrella (or to-do item).

This is a great feature for me as most of my tasks can be grouped together as a part of larger projects and, while it still doesn't offer everything I can get from other products I can now do that directly from my Surface Book, Android/iOS phone or iPad as soon as I think of them and have items deep linked to other O365 apps which has proven to be more important to me than some of the missing features.


Has anyone else been using this product? What are the biggest pain points with it still for you? What does it do better than other tools you've used for task management in the recent past?