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Introducing Verge Science on YouTube

Introducing Verge Science on YouTube

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Today is a big day at The Verge: we’re launching Verge Science on YouTube! YouTube is the center stage of video storytelling. It’s a place that allows us to dive deeper into science, travel farther afield, and get more experimental than we could elsewhere. (That last one is particularly exciting.)

Science is all about experimentation, and we don’t just want to tell you about it, we want to show you. In our first few videos, we’re administering a city-sized eye exam, performing our own blood test, looking inside a beehive, and watching NASA send its next probe to Mars. We’ve got a packed schedule, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Hopefully, this isn’t the first you’re hearing of Verge Science videos! For the past year, we’ve been hard at work surprising, informing, and occasionally weirding out our Facebook audience. We’ve re-created deep-sea vents with cement, modeled self-driving cars in glorious stop-motion, and explored the science of whiskey because it was a long week and we earned it. It’s been fun, and now, with the YouTube channel, we can be even more ambitious.

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As wild as it’s going to get, the new channel is still The Verge through and through. That means you’ll still have our talented and relentless science reporters leading you through stories. It means deep dives into energy, space, nukes, climate change, AI, and a whole lot more. It also means taking a hard look at the future of science in all its beauty and terror.

So: subscribe to Verge Science on YouTube! We’ll be posting a video every week, from now until... there’s no science left? And I know everyone says this, but we really do mean it: tell us in the comments what you want us to explore. We know how smart and curious The Verge audience is, and we want to bottle that and unleash it on the new YouTube channel. We’ll see you out there!