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Koss releases wireless Porta Pros with AptX and 12-hour battery life

Koss releases wireless Porta Pros with AptX and 12-hour battery life


Priced at $79.99 and available immediately, this 1984 classic is moving into the Bluetooth era

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There are few, if any, pieces of technology that have endured in their original form quite as long as Koss’ Porta Pro on-ear headphones, which are turning 34 years old this year. Their lasting popularity is testament to the Porta Pros’ quality, but a change has finally been enforced upon Koss with the shift away from headphone jacks on smartphones. And that brings us the new Porta Pro Wireless model being released today.

I’ve had a review pair of the Porta Pro Wireless for a week, and they’re a very literal take on the idea of wireless Porta Pros. Everything about their design above the wire is identical: same soft foam pads, same collapsible design with extensible metal headband, same blue highlights, and same degree of lasting comfort. Costing $79.99, these new headphones do ask a $20 premium over the list price of the regular wired version, which is purely for the Bluetooth 4.1 (with AptX) connectivity, remote control plus microphone, and 12-hour battery integrated into the cable. That being said, the Porta Pro Wireless are still among the cheapest good Bluetooth options out on the market. I’ll have more nuanced and definitive impressions to share in my full review later this week, but I can already say that the Porta Pro Wireless sound better than their price would suggest.

Koss is releasing the $79.99 Porta Pro Wireless immediately, with availability directly from its own website, Amazon, or Massdrop.

Photo: Koss