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Instagram Stories get GoPro and Spotify integration with more apps coming

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Third-party AR camera effects are coming, too

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Instagram is rolling out several new features starting today, including new Stories integration with apps like Spotify and GoPro and a new camera effects platform that will allow celebrities and others to create face filters, text styles, and stickers.

If you’re using the Spotify or the GoPro app, you can tap the respective share buttons to send your content to Instagram Stories. You can then edit and add to your story or send it as a direct message to someone. The Spotify integration allows you to share a sticker of songs, playlists, or albums you’re currently listening to, with a link to play the music on Spotify. Instagram says the new Stories integration will allow third-party apps to post content directly to Facebook Stories as well.

The Spotify integration feature with Instagram.
Image: Instagram

In the GoPro app, sharing to Instagram lets you upload your action shots directly into Stories. You can also quickly recenter and cut the video to the portion you want to share. Instagram notes that you don’t have to connect your Instagram account to other apps to share on Stories, and the company says more apps will be adding the share to Stories integration soon.

Video: Instagram

Instagram is also taking advantage of Facebook’s Camera Effects Platform to introduce new AR effects from the likes of Ariana Grande, Vogue, and the NBA. These include face filters and world effects that allow you to do things like try on Kylie Jenner’s favorite lip color in a selfie or add floating hearts featuring Jiff the Pomeranian to your video. If you see a new effect you like on someone else’s story, you can tap “try it on,” and the filter will be added to your tray of effects to use.

One of Instagram’s new camera effects features Jiff the Pomeranian.
Video: Instagram

GoPro integration with Instagram Stories looks to be going live today, while Spotify integration will also be available today (Spotify support for Facebook Stories “coming soon”). The new third-party camera effects will be rolling out in the coming weeks with more partners to be announced soon.