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Amazon’s Echo can now remember whatever you tell it to

Amazon’s Echo can now remember whatever you tell it to

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Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Last week, Amazon announced that a slew of new functions were coming to Alexa that would make it smarter and more natural to interact with. Starting today, US users can use one of those features, called “Remember This.”

With Remember This, you can ask Alexa to store important information that might need to be recalled in the future, using either “remember” or “make a note.” Some of the examples Amazon gives include: “Alexa, make a note that Amy is going to China in October,” “Alexa, remember that I kept the extra blankets in the attic,” and “Alexa, remember Matthew’s teacher’s name is Ms. Sally.”

Alexa will then reply to confirm it is remembering the information, and then it can be summoned up at any time with a simple request. If you ask Alexa “When is Amy going to China?” it will respond with “This is what you told me: Amy is going to China in October.”

Other new features forthcoming to Alexa include an easier way to find and launch skills and the ability to understand conversational questions asked back to back without the need to say “Alexa” every time. Those additional updates are still coming soon, but Remember This should be available to use with Alexa as of today.