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Facebook is letting apps back in through the review process again

Facebook is letting apps back in through the review process again

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Facebook is now reopening its app review process for developers, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today at the company’s annual developers conference. New third-party apps will now be allowed to move forward through the review process.

“Now I know that it hasn’t been easy being a developer in these last couple of months, and that’s probably an understatement. But what I can assure you is that we’re hard at work making sure that people don’t misuse this platform so that you can all keep building things that people love,” said Zuckerberg, “And today, I’m happy to share that we are reopening app reviews so you can all keep moving forward.”

At the end of March, just two weeks after the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal came to light, Facebook paused its app review process, citing a need to “implement new changes.” Pausing the process kept app developers from integrating new apps and chatbots onto the social media network, causing some developers to take to Facebook to complain about the disruption to their businesses. It also gave Facebook time to audit apps with suspicious activity. In the announcement, Facebook did not give a date for when the app review process would be reopened and in a statement to The Verge at the time, the company had said it was not “sharing a date for when the pause will end.”