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LANDR launches free sample site for musicians

LANDR launches free sample site for musicians


With 10,000 samples to start

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LANDR Samples
Image: LANDR

LANDR, an AI-driven platform that masters tracks for musicians, has launched Samples, a free curated samples service for members. The sample packs featured on the platform are collections created and curated by artists across a variety of genres, from pop to funk to techno.

At launch, Samples has packs from notable artists like The Dirty Projectors, Pan-Pot, Marc Houle, Mike & Keys, as well as a variety of collections created by people in the service’s own user base. In the future, LANDR will have a portal to accept sample submissions from members to potentially distribute on Samples. It will also offer support services for musicians creating samples, like resources on best practices for creating sample packs and selling sample-based content.

Right now, Samples has a considerably smaller library than competitors — 10,000 versus 500,000 at or Splice’s 2,000,000-plus — but the samples are all free (provided you register with the site through email or your Facebook account). Other similar sample sites generally require a small monthly fee or a purchase of credits to download content. LANDR also says it plans to launch new sets regularly to add to its collection. All the samples are royalty-free.

LANDR samples
Image: LANDR

The site’s interface is reminiscent of many other sample marketplaces. Browse top-level packs by scrolling or using parameters like genre, vibe, and artist to narrow things down. Click through a pack that interests you, and you’ll be taken to a page that describes what you’ll find within the pack. For example, “Sounds from Hell Vol. 1” by Marc Houle “gives a pack with everything you need to make some groovy dark techno. Inside you’ll find scary sounds, beats, bass lines, metal samples, and some track ideas.” Individual sounds can then be filtered by type (loop, one shot, or single hit), instrument, BPM, and key. Select sounds to download or click on the download button at the top of the page to grab the entire pack.

Though LANDR’s Samples is tiny when juxtaposed with established players in the sample business, it’s quite nice that they’re all free, and high-quality to boot. The promise of educational tools is also a nice touch that could prove a valuable resource for up-and-coming producers. There’s a bit of altruism here. LANDR isn’t trying to become the go-to sample marketplace, but rather, it wants to provide an outlet to support its existing customer base that already uses it for services like mastering and distribution.

Samples is available to use now at