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Emergency Alert !!!!!! The Expanse has just been cancelled by SyFy !!!!!!!!!!


This news is both a danger and opportunity. It could be lost forever, but I know first hand none of my views went to syfy, and all went to amazon since I bought the season there for viewing in higher quality while streaming than cable/sat 720p compression.

SyFy never had access to that revenue stream as the show owners had that.

This show could easily be picked up by Netflix/Amazon/Hulu/Youtube Red. The latter would be the most interesting pick as youtube/google might want to expand out to more higher quality scripted content after the success of Cobra Kai. In any case, aside from Hulu, if any of the other streaming platforms picked this up, we'd likely get future seasons all dropped at once, and in 4k for higher quality streams. This could be a net win, but we must ensure this happens. This is the single most important story of 2018, nothing else matters, not net neutrality, not Trump, not Russia, the future of the Expanse is at stake now. The universe itself hangs in the balance.