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Last minute Mother’s Day gifts, discounts on laptops, and an iPhone X bundle

Last minute Mother’s Day gifts, discounts on laptops, and an iPhone X bundle

/ is offering bundles on tons of Apple products.

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Sony LSPX-S1

It’s Mother’s Day weekend! Hopefully you got your mom something already, but if you’re still looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift, Sony discounted their gorgeous glass speaker for the occasion. It was designed for Sony’s Life Space UX series of products, which focuses on aesthetically pleasing gadgets that blend in with your home decor. The Glass Sound Speaker is very pretty, with a glass cylinder that not only pushes out sound in a more natural-sounding frequency, but also glows like a lantern with a dimmable LED. Sony is offering $100 off the $800 speaker on Amazon, just in time for Mother’s Day.

The Walmart-owned discount e-commerce site recently started selling Apple products. To celebrate, they’re offering limited-time bundles on Apple products like the iPhone X, MacBook, and Apple Watch. The MacBook bundles come with Beats Studio headphones and a Magic Mouse. Apple Watch bundles include the Beats headphones as well and start at $479. The iPhone X bundle includes Apple EarPods (not the wireless AirPods) and a silicone case. Sold separately, they would come to $1,067, but the bundle goes for $1,026.88.

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