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New trailers: The Predator, Luke Cage, 13 Reasons Why, and more

New trailers: The Predator, Luke Cage, 13 Reasons Why, and more

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Photo: 20th Century Fox

Last week I finally got around to seeing Last Flag Flying now that it’s streaming on Amazon. It’s Richard Linklater’s latest film, and while I’m a huge fan of his stuff, trailers for Last Flag Flying didn’t exactly make me feel like I had to leave my warm apartment in November to make it out to a movie theater to see it right away.

I did enjoy it, though. And the movie makes a ton of sense coming from Linklater — much of the film is extended sequences of people talking in bars, in cars, on trains, musing over their lives, politics, and how people behave. Linklater is so good at making this stuff work that, even though the characters start as big, broad archetypes, it quickly begins to feel much more intimate.

One thing I thought was particularly odd and interesting about the film was its cinematography. It’s so plain and clean and objective. It’s legitimately a little dull and boring, but I think that’s intentional, almost to make it feel all the more like we’re just sitting in a room with some old, washed up guys without a lot going on.

Check out nine trailers from this week below. 

The Predator

Here’s the first trailer for the Predator revival, The Predator. I don’t think this trailer does a very good job showing off the movie — yeah, I know there’s going to be an alien hunting some military dudes with huge guns in the jungle, but I always knew that. What I really want to know is how Shane Black, the director known for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3, is putting his own spin on this franchise. But it seems like we’ll have to wait for a longer look, because this first one feels pretty generic. The film comes out September 14th.

Luke Cage

Netflix put out a first real look at season 2 of Luke Cage today, teasing a new villain who’s able to lay a finger on the show’s hero by relying on martial arts instead of guns. Plus, it ends with a fun meta joke and a first look at Misty Knight with her bionic arm. The season debuts June 22nd.


I haven’t given too much thought to YouTube Red series (and I think that’s true of most other people, too), but here’s one that seems to have a higher production value and a stronger point of view than the rest. It comes from Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman and is about a teenage girl who gets seizures, of sorts, that teleport her around town. There’s some interesting history to the project: it turns out, Impulse is based on a book and is one of the sequels to Jumper; the film adaptation of Jumper (which has a 16 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) was directed by Liman. So I guess he liked the series enough to bring it back. The show comes out June 6th.

13 Reasons Why

I haven’t seen any of 13 Reasons Why, so I can’t say much about this trailer, but it looks like the show is about to put a new twist on the events its first season. The show was incredibly controversial when it came out, so it’ll be interesting to see how, if at all, the series evolves to deal with its issues. Netflix, at least, is aware: this trailer ends with a link to, which includes crisis line numbers and resources for people who have experienced sexual assault, depression, suicidal thoughts, and other issues addressed by the show. The new season premieres May 18th.


Director X, who’s best known for his music videos, like the immensely stylish Hotline Bling, is about to come out with his second feature film. It’s a reimagining of Super Fly, one of the 1970s’ earliest Blaxploitation films, that’s been re-set in modern day Atlanta. It comes out June 15th.


Searching is the latest film to take place entirely within a computer screen — or, in this case, within a couple computer screens. It’s a really strange, claustrophobic concept, but apparently it works out really well here to deliver a compelling thriller. My colleague Bryan Bishop saw the film (then called Search) at Sundance earlier this year and largely had good things to say about it. The film might be worth catching just to see what’s possible in this odd format. It comes out sometime in August.

Arrested Development

Somehow, the cast of Arrested Development has managed to get back together again for fifth season — its second since initially being canceled more than a decade ago. I didn’t think the show was really able to rekindle its spark in season 4, and this teaser doesn’t get me particularly excited for season 5, but there’s still something nice about seeing these characters come to life again. The season debuts May 29th.

Never Goin’ Back

Never Goin’ Back is a raunchy, drug-infused comedy about two teenage girls trying to escape their mundane town. It very much starts with a familiar premise, but the trailer and many early reviews make it seem like it goes beyond those tropes to become a film that’s much more about friendship and growing up. It comes out August 3rd.

American Animals

Heist movies are always fun, even if they rarely tread new ground, and this one about a group of college students trying to steal rare books seems like another fun one. It’s based on a real story — you can read about it in Vanity Fair — and the film apparently includes interviews with the actual criminals. It comes out June 1st.