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Lost in Space is coming back for a second season on Netflix

Prepare for more ‘Danger, Will Robinson’ jokes

Netflix will bring its reboot of Lost in Space back for a second season. It announced the news today via Twitter with a brief teaser video, though it declined to share a release date.

Lost in Space premiered earlier this year as a reimagining of the 1960s family science fiction show (not exactly the film featuring Matt LeBlanc). The show stars Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Maxwell Jenkins, Mina Sundwall, Taylor Russell, Ignacio Serricchio, and Parker Posey as the ruthless Dr. Smith (not to mention creature actor Brian Steele in the role of the “hot” robot). Much like past iterations, Netflix’s version follows the Robinson family as they crash-land on a strange planet and struggle to survive, with the help of a highly suggestible robot.

The 10-episode first season is available on Netflix.