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OnePlus 6 leaks reveal price and shipping date ahead of this week’s launch

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Image: Amazon Germany via WinFuture

The OnePlus 6 is coming officially on Wednesday, which leaves room for a few last-minute leaks that give us a good look at the phone. New renders spotted by WinFuture from Amazon Germany show the OnePlus 6 in its Mirror Black color.

The new photos show the OnePlus 6 will have a notched display and a thin bezel on the bottom that’s slightly obscured by the phone’s dark wallpaper. On the back, there are vertically mounted dual-cameras, a flash, and a rear-facing fingerprint sensor. From the side, the alert slider is now placed on the right side of the phone. On the bottom, there’s a headphone jack.

Image: Amazon Germany via WinFuture

The OnePlus 6’s Amazon Germany listings also reveal prices for the phone and says the phone will ship on May 22nd. According to those since-deleted listings, the OnePlus 6 may start at $621.26 (€519) for the 64GB model, with the 128GB model costing $681.11 (€569). We don’t yet know the price for the largest storage option, the 256GB variant, but it won’t be long until official details are unveiled.