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Facebook adds Voice Posts, Stories archive, and new cloud storage features

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All three features are rolling out to India first

Facebook, the app you used to use before Instagram, is making three updates that it says will help users better “create and save memories.” The changes will let you save your photos and videos directly to your account in the Facebook cloud, share voice messages with friends, and archive your favorite Facebook Stories. The new features announced today will begin rolling out in India, before hitting the rest of world “shortly thereafter.”

Changes to the in-app Facebook Camera will enable two of the three new features. Users shooting photos or video with Facebook’s camera will be presented with a new option to save them directly to their Facebook accounts in order to conserve expensive local GBs on entry-level devices with limited storage. This could be a boon to users around the world who, as Facebook discovered, must often delete a photo before taking a new one to share. Photos and video saved to Facebook Camera are only visible to the user after they login to Facebook. If there’s a capacity limit to the new storage options, Facebook doesn’t mention it.

Save photos and videos to Facebook Camera.
Images: Facebook

Facebook is also adding an Audio option in the Facebook Camera to share voice messages as Voice Posts. Voice recordings are not only fast and intimate, they also get around the need to install native-language keyboards, and they don’t require written proficiency in a language people can more easily speak.

Voice Posts to more easily share audio clips with your friends.
Images: Facebook

In the coming weeks, Facebook says it will start rolling out an archive feature so that users can save the Facebook Stories they value the most. Because, let’s face it, everyone has created a work of art so magnificent that it deserves to be enjoyed for longer than a day.

Stories Archive to re-live your memories.
Images: Facebook

And let’s remember, new features for Facebook subscribers undoubtedly have an upside for Facebook the advertising company as well. Zuck and Co will take as many audio files, photos, and videos from as may people as they can get in order to extract even greater profit off your finely-tuned interests. Just sayin’.