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How to watch today’s Senate net neutrality vote

How to watch today’s Senate net neutrality vote

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An image showing a silhouette of Capitol Hill
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

This afternoon, the Senate is set to vote on whether to nullify the FCC’s removal of net neutrality protections. A group of Democratic senators forced the vote under the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to roll back agency regulations — in this case, the 2017 Restoring Internet Freedom Order. The resolution needs 51 votes to pass, which means a couple of Republicans will need to throw in their support; so far, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) has crossed the line.

The vote is expected to happen around 3PM ET today, but the Senate will start discussing it at 12PM ET, and you can catch the debate live on C-SPAN. As we’ve mentioned before, the resolution has a long road ahead even if it passes the Senate. It would need to be approved by a majority of the House of Representatives, then signed by President Trump, who would be rolling back a regulation crafted by his own FCC chairman Ajit Pai. But at the very least, it’s a chance to see where politicians come down on net neutrality.

Time is also streaming the Senate debate and vote on its YouTube channel, which you can watch below.