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Trapped in Windows S Mode after applying Windows April 2018 Update.


I'm running Windows 10 Pro on a HP laptop. Yesterday I updated the OS to the April 2018 Update and hit a major problem. The update switched me into "S MODE", which is a new mode from Microsoft that restricts the OS to running only apps from the Microsoft Store. Some critical apps I use, including my VPN software, do not meet this requirement, and I can no longer use them.

After some research I found that you can disable S Mode. There is a "product" page in the Windows Store called "Switch out of S Mode". On this page is a link to "LEARN MORE." However, this link is currently broken.

So, the net of this is after updating my software I was forced into S Mode and I cannot escape. My only recourse was to roll back the update. I assume MS will fix the broken link in the store at some point, but for now it remains broken.

Anyone else having this issue?