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United Airlines to start flying pets again, but many dog breeds are banned

United Airlines to start flying pets again, but many dog breeds are banned


The ban of 21 breeds is a precaution after a dog died midflight in March

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United Airlines is going to accept dogs and cats for air transportation again beginning this summer. The company made the announcement yesterday after a temporary suspension was put in place over the death of a pet. But this time, United will ban 21 different dog breeds and four cat breeds that tend to do poorly under travel stress or heat, Bloomberg reports.

Some dog breeds that don’t travel well include bulldogs, pugs, Shih Tzus, and boxers. Burmese, Himalayan, Persian, and exotic shorthair cats are also barred from flight travel. The complete list of banned breeds can be found here.

United will start accepting dogs and cats on July 9th so long as the pet’s owner is booked on the same flight. The airline has also partnered with animal nonprofit American Humane to improve pet travel conditions.

Back in March, the airline company suspended pets from traveling in cargo after a flight attendant reportedly told a passenger to place their dog in the overhead bin and the dog later died. The dog was a French bulldog, which will now be one of the banned breeds. While the pet transporting program PetSafe was suspended, the airline said it was conducting a “thorough and systematic review” for traveling pets and consulting pet safety and travel experts.