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Google Maps for iOS brings in an old Waze feature to customize your navigation icon

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Goodbye to the blue arrow

Google Maps is rolling out a small, but cute update that lets users change the boring old blue arrow navigation icon on the map to one of three blocky, pixelated cars that can represent your vehicle instead, as spotted by SlashGear.

It’s not exactly a new feature in the world of GPS — Waze (which Google owns) has offered it for a while. And personally, I’m not sure the cars are actually more useful than the simple, directional arrow (which makes it much clearer which direction you’re going.) But if you’ve been jealously looking at Waze users with their cool icons, now you too can have the option.

Accessing the new icons is simple: just punch in directions on Maps and tap the blue arrow icon to bring up the new car options, which gives users the choice of a red car, green truck, or yellow minivan. The new icons are only available on the iOS version of Maps for now, but it seems likely that they’ll make their way to Android at some point in the future.