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Twitter is killing off its apps for Xbox, Roku, and Android TV

Twitter is killing off its apps for Xbox, Roku, and Android TV


Probably for the best

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Today Twitter announced it is killing off several of its apps, including Twitter for Android TV, Twitter for Roku, and Twitter for Xbox.

Twitter for Xbox allowed for curated Twitter commentary to display while watching videos, and had a whopping average rating of one and a half stars out of five on the Microsoft store. The dismal feedback is due to the fact that these Twitter apps don’t actually allow you to tweet from your account or fully interact with the Twittersphere in general. A login isn’t even needed, as it’s really just for passively looking at a displayed feed. “Hardly any effort was put into this,” says one reviewer. “This is not the point of Twitter,” writes another.

Useless, worthless, and garbage are words frequently seen in the comments, which lament the restrictions of Twitter for Xbox. People have even made YouTube videos dedicated to their hatred of this app. Twitter for Android TV and Twitter for Roku didn’t fare much better, with ratings of two and three and a half out of five stars, respectively.

So, perhaps it’s for the best. It seems these apps didn’t add much value by being integrated into these platforms, and using our phones and desktop computers to access Twitter was fine before and fine now.