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Alexa now lets you avoid meetings by moving them with your voice

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Alexa, move my meeting to 2025

Amazon Echo and books

Amazon has gradually been improving Alexa’s calendar features recently. and iCloud support arrived last year, and now Alexa is getting improvements for managing meetings. While you’ve always been able to add new events and schedule them, Alexa is now supporting one-on-one meetings and the ability to move events around.

You can say “Alexa, move my meeting” or “Alexa, move my meeting at 8AM to tomorrow at 10AM” to avoid those early morning meetings where, let’s be honest, you’d be better off in bed. The one-on-one scheduling also works just as easily, letting you create a calendar event by saying “Alexa, schedule a meeting with Tom.” Alexa will access your contacts and pick the colleague or friend, and suggest times based on the availability of both the organizer and participant.

Alexa’s new calendar features are available today in the US, and Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, and Exchange accounts are all supported.