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Facebook Marketplace now lets you hire plumbers and cleaners

Facebook Marketplace now lets you hire plumbers and cleaners


Rolling out to US users in the coming weeks

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Image: Facebook

Facebook is launching a new home services feature in its Marketplace section for US users. Marketplace is a separate commerce section on Facebook that allows users to connect with one another to buy, sell, and give away items. Recently, it’s even added a functionality to search for a home rental or buy a car. With the new home services category, users can now hire professionals for jobs like plumbing, cleaning, and home renovations, which makes it even more like Craigslist. Facebook has partnered with Handy, HomeAdvisor, and Porch for the new feature, and thousands of professionals are listed for services at launch.

“More people ask for recommendations related to home services on Facebook in the US than any other topic,” said Deb Liu, vice president of Marketplace in a statement.

Facebook also offers quick quoting, with the ability to send out your project request to multiple service providers on Marketplace at once. The service also allows you to use Messenger (what else!) to chat with them as well.

To use the feature, just select Marketplace Services from the Marketplace menu on Facebook. Pick the service you want, and Facebook will ask you several questions to help narrow your search results. For instance, when selecting a cleaner, it asks questions about how often you want your house cleaned, how many bedrooms need to be cleaned, how big your house is, and the time frame that you want the task to be completed (within one week, for instance). You then enter your ZIP code, and Facebook lists the people and companies that are able to complete your request. Users can browse through and select a profile to see more details about the company or individual, including ratings and reviews.

The feature is rolling out today and will be available across the US in the coming weeks, Facebook says. There’s no word yet on when the feature might be available globally.