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Vergecast: Elon Musk, dongle conspiracy, and Zuckerberg visits the EU

Vergecast: Elon Musk, dongle conspiracy, and Zuckerberg visits the EU

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Are you driving somewhere for the holiday weekend? Here at The Verge, we’d like to encourage you to use a car that’s wholly, or at least primarily, powered by dirty fossil fuels. On this week’s episode of The Vergecast, Nilay, Natt, Casey, and Paul discuss how we’re financially beholden to Big Car and what to do about it now that Elon Musk has called us out on our bias.

We also got a chance to discuss Nilay’s bonkers theory about Apple’s dongle suppression campaign, Mark Zuckerberg’s wacky trip to the EU, and we spoke with unearned confidence about Dieter’s hands-on with the RED Hydrogen One phone. Paul’s weekly report on robots that do backflips is, of course, also something that happened.

01:50 - Elon Musk

27:54 - RED Hydrogen One hands-on

32:34 - RIP Essential?

36:37 - BlackBerry KEY2

41:19 - Dongle suppression exposed!

47:15 - Paul’s weekly segment “Robot backflip weekly update

51:08 - GDPR is happening

55:54 - Mark Zuckerberg in the EU

1:03:51 - Casey shamelessly plugs Converge

1:06:35 - What’s happening in the rest of tech

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