Pixel 3 leaks by ben geskin


Well this comes soon after Mumblefluff thought of how can the pixel 3 possibly be, based on the images in android p beta, and to his letdown, these aren't even anywhere near to what he thought.

I commented that it was highly unlikely that his renders could turn out to be true, and even if it was to happen, another company would do it first and Google contracting that company to manufacture pixel 3 cause Google usually follows on design rather than lead.

Anyway here are the leaks.

Pixel 3

Still got dual front facing speakers tho, so thats a plus. No info about the fingerprint sensor right now, can be under the display. And there aren't a whole lot of sensors which means there may not be any secure face authentication, but hey, its Google which can do more things in less hardware by software, so we never know. Its early in the leaks, a lot can change tho.

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