5G Moto Mod


I've mentioned here previously that, as an everyday commuter, the car dock mod (combined with a Z Play powered by a data-only Project Fi SIM) was my favorite tech purchase of 2017 so I can certainly find the value in a mod done well. I know I'm the resident crazy mod person around here - I can pretty much guarantee I have more Moto mods than just about anyone else on the planet right now coming in at a baker's dozen - but I'm curious if there are any others?

On one hand, this seems like the exact reason why mods should be a thing to me...."does your current device meet all of your needs perfectly besides one spec? Well now you can keep your current hardware and upgrade the thing that has been bugging you about it for a fraction of that price!" a way to future proof devices a little bit more. On the other hand, this seems like it's too early to provide any real utility for most people during this devices' lifespan and serves as a possible incentive for Lenovo to keep meaningful specs out of the finished product in order to add them on later for extra cost.

I suppose that has been the argument for or against mods all along but this one really is just the definitive case for that discussion. Since comments were disabled for the article on the main site I figured I'd open that conversation up here to see if anyone has anything to say about it?