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Can we talk about the fact that Elon Musk personally attacked Josh Topolsky?


Also what the hell is the wrong with this man? He said "you know who owns the media". Like motherfucker, you are part of the elite, you just pissy because you finally getting called out.

Also, also, can we talk about the number of "fuck the media" bs that gets thrown around to discredit media in order for people to push their warped narratives or shitty opinions without being called out on it?

Also, also can we talk about the amount of anti-Semitism that accompanied the Elon Musk "fuck the elite and media" act he pulled? Straight up hate speech being allowed from Elon Musk fanboys. It is disgusting.

Like, why are having a society of culture which glorifies billionaires, worships them and openly attack anyone who dares speaks against them?

Billionaire worship is toxic.