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Netgear’s Arlo security cam app has been having problems for days

Netgear’s Arlo security cam app has been having problems for days

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A close-up of the Arlo Pro 2 security camera
Photo: Netgear

Owners of the wireless home security camera Arlo have noticed issues with the app over the past few days. Problems range from not being able to log in to the app completely crashing.

Arlo’s message boards have been flooded since the issues started on May 27th, with users urging parent company Netgear to find solutions. Arlo owners report that the app is displaying error messages pointing the problem to “internet connectivity issues,” “internal error,” “currently unavailable,” “incorrect password,” and more.

On the forums, a Netgear community manager says that the issue is only affecting some customers on certain service providers, and it can be traced back to a DNS issue with some ISPs. Although a solution hasn’t been found, there is a temporary workaround that involves either updating DNS settings to a public DNS server or connecting to the Arlo app with Wi-Fi turned off.

This isn’t the first time Arlo customers have had problems with getting locked out of their accounts. And while it otherwise sports terrific features, service disruption is the one thing you don’t want in a home security system — especially one that lasts several days.