camera improvements for enthusiasts


I was on a day trip that made me kinda regret I left my Oly at home, but the LG G6 was still fun, especially in crowds where shooting wide can get some great perspectives. I think we're almost at a point where the camera phone may become a market again. And by that, I mean a few physical changes made to accommodate more dedicated photography. Stuff like:

* A dedicated shutter button. It needs to wake the phone, launch the camera app, and take the shot quickly. I missed a few shots trying to wake my phone up, launch the camera app - no wait, that's google maps, how did that launch??? - and frame my shot before someone moved in or out of the scene. And make it a button, not a gesture or body squeeze. And were I to dream, the button would lock focus/exposure half way down.

* Lens protection. Rest the phone on the camera lens? What could go wrong? Rhetorical, ain't I, but yeah, micro abrasians cause light flair, and no, you can't polish that out with toothpaste. No, I'm not asking lens cap (how cute). I think an acceptable solution here would be to have easily replaced camera glass - something that could be done by the end user - preserving both warranty & waterproofing. I don't think it would take much to address - Samsung use to have a good design for this in earlier models.