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Google launches a beta of Neighbourly, an app for crowdsourcing local questions

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Won’t you be my neighbor?

Google is taking another shot at social apps with the beta release of Neighbourly, a new, hyperlocal-focused app designed to answer your questions, via The Next Web.

The company envisions Neighbourly as a sort of crowdsourced city guide. The residents who know your city best can use the app to share tips, tricks, shortcuts, and recommendations with less in-the-know residents.

Users will be able to ask questions, submit answers, and follow other people’s questions if they’re interested to see the results through a simple stack of cards. According to The Next Web, Neighbourly is starting off with a limited beta. It’s only available on Android and only open to residents of Mumbai, with support for English and eight Indian languages.

In practice, it looks a lot like a Google version of Nextdoor, a similar local social media network you can use to talk to people near you and broadcast your thoughts to friends and colleagues around the world.

Neighbourly is available now on the Android app store. Presumably, Google will expand it to other neighborhoods and cities soon.