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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and other Rockstar classics are coming to the Xbox One next week

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Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Table Tennis are also on the way

GTA San Andreas

Rockstar is bringing three of its biggest games to the Xbox One through the console’s backwards compatibility feature. Today, the developer revealed that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis will all be available on the console starting on June 7th. For those who own the original discs, both the original Xbox and Xbox 360 versions of the games will be supported on Microsoft’s latest console.

It’s an eclectic lineup, but it’s also one that includes some of the developer’s more influential games. San Andreas is the biggest of the trio and arguably is the most beloved game in the GTA series. It introduced the world to the fictional version of California that would also be the setting for the best-selling Grand Theft Auto V. Midnight Club: Los Angeles, meanwhile, is a racer that came out in 2008, and at present, it’s the last title in the series to be released, while Table Tennis is a shockingly in-depth look at the sport from a developer best-known for violent action games.

All three games will be available through backwards compatibility next week, though they’re not the only Rockstar titles available through the feature. Red Dead Redemptionthe sequel is coming out this yearis also available on the Xbox One.