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Kayak’s Trip Huddle helps make group trip planning less of a headache

Kayak’s Trip Huddle helps make group trip planning less of a headache

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Kayak has introduced a new tool intended to take away some of the frustration of planning group travel. Called Kayak Trip Huddle, the feature allows people to collaboratively decide on major decisions of a group trip, such as where to stay and what destinations to hit up.

A group leader will have to start the process in order to start planning via Trip Huddle, which simply involves logging in and giving the trip a name. Once created, they can invite other members via a shareable link or email, and then start creating parameters for everyone to vote on. Think of it like a Doodle scheduling service, but for the full trip-planning process. The leader can add destinations, dates of travel, and ideas for accommodations, which can all then be voted on by other people going on the trip.

Every traveler can vote on a proposed idea by ranking it out of three hearts, suggest other destinations, and see the current standings for every option in the category. Of course, since Kayak is hoping you’ll use its service to book your trip, estimated costs per person are displayed for destinations and accommodations as they are added to open voting.

Many companies have been tackling ways to make group travel easier — like Airbnb’s implementation of split payments — and Kayak’s Trip Huddle looks like it will be an effective way to get your friends on the same page to make group decisions in one central place.