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Kia Niro EV revealed in production form with ambitious range promises

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Kia’s new electric crossover could have bigger range than Chevy Bolt

Kia Niro EV

Back at CES in January, Kia teased an upcoming Niro EV crossover that boasted a Chevrolet Bolt-rivaling 238 miles of range. While that concept also had 5G connectivity and a new infotainment system with gesture controls that didn’t seem bound for production, the Niro EV itself is destined for showrooms.

Kia on Friday showed the first photos of the Niro EV as it made its debut at the 5th International Electric Vehicle Expo in Jeju, Korea. Minus the flashy show car add-ons, the styling largely mimics that of both the CES concept and the standard Niro hybrid and plug-in hybrids. The automaker said the Niro EV will use a 64 kWh battery pack that will allow for an estimated 280 miles on a single charge (450 km). A separate 39.2 kWh pack from the Hyundai Kona EV is estimated to be good for 186 miles on a charge. Both of those estimates should fall closer to the 238 miles promised at CES when the Niro EV is tested by the EPA.

No other details were released, but the Niro EV should be priced near EVs like the Bolt and Tesla Model 3 (the elusive $35,000 ones, though). The 2018 Kia Soul EV, which the Niro EV will likely replace in the US, starts at $34,845. The Niro EV will have its first auto show unveiling in October at the Paris Motor Show and likely go on sale shortly thereafter in Korea, with other markets to follow. Expect it to appear in the US as part of Kia’s pledge to launch 16 electrified vehicles globally by 2025, including its first fuel cell electric vehicle in 2020.