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Watch Luke Cage face off against the also-bulletproof Bushmaster in new season 2 trailer

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And by ‘Luke Cage’ we mean ‘Misty Knight’s sidekick’

The second trailer for Luke Cage season 2 has dropped, revealing more details about the villains the bulletproof hero of Harlem will be facing this time around.

Alfre Woodard returns, of course, as queenpin Mariah Dillard, along with the assorted “hard rocks,” who, as Bobby Fish (Ron Cephas Jones) puts it in a voice-over, now fear Cage as “the ghetto boogeyman of their nightmares.”

But with new installments come new challenges. This time, that challenge will be Bushmaster, the super strong, bulletproof match to Luke’s own powers, who is played by actual Harlem native Mustafa Shakir. From the looks of it (not to mention clues from the comics, where he appears as a crime boss), Bushmaster’s powers may be the result of an experiment similar to the one that imbued Cage with his own special skills. Such a mirror of his own abilities will no doubt bring out that old merciless side to Cage’s hard-won lawful good. When Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) voices her concerns, however, Luke all but shrugs, saying, “Sometimes brutality gets shit done.”

Luckily, he’ll be flanked by the grounded, now bionic-armed presence of Misty Knight (Simone Missick) — as her sidekick, of course — and soundtracked by guitarist Gary Clark, Jr. as he descends into the darkness.

Luke Cage season 2 arrives on Netflix on June 22nd.