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Apple’s iPhone replacement batteries are reportedly in stock without delays

Credit: Apple Fixer/ Instructables

Apple’s iPhone replacement batteries won’t have any more extended delays due to limited supply, according to a leaked internal memo the company sent to Apple stores and service providers last month that was seen by MacRumors. Now all Apple stores and service providers can order the replacement batteries and get them without delays from supply constraints, though shipping could still take time.

Apple previously said it would be low on supplies of replacement batteries until late March or early April, which turned out to be true. Apple’s support page currently says that replacing a iPhone battery takes up to five business days, which is what it said prior to this leaked memo.

Last year Apple confirmed that processors used in the iPhone 6, 6S, 7, and SE were intentionally slowed down by newer iOS updates to address aging lithium-ion batteries. The change was meant to reduce random shutdowns by throttling the phone’s CPU, but that also lead to slower performance and customer complaints. Apple apologized and lowered its battery replacement fee to $29 in December as a way of compensating for the CPU throttling. Swapping out the battery became the solution for many people dealing with the problem, leading to the supply issues.