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The 2019 emoji candidates include that flamingo you’ve been looking for

And more inclusive icons

A new batch of hopefuls has been added to the ever-expanding library of emoji. Emojipedia published a list of candidates for Unicode 12.0, the upcoming version of the Unicode standard that may soon grace your phone.

Many of these candidates add additional variations to existing emoji, such as options for a white or brown heart or a variety of colors for circular or square icons. And then there are the super specific ones, like the axe, razor, flamingo, and briefs — as in men’s underwear. Most encouraging within this list, however, are the emoji that better represent people with disabilities. There’s an ear with a hearing aid, a motorized wheelchair, and a guide dog, to name a few.

Emoji that do make it through the final process will be released in March 2019. Try not to get too attached just yet.