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Samsung users in the UK will soon be able to video chat with doctors through the Health app

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samsung s health app stock Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

Samsung users in the UK will soon be able to get AI-powered medical consultations through preinstalled technology provided by London-based tech company Babylon. Those users will be able to consult doctors through video chat and also look up symptoms through the Samsung Health app, as reported by Financial Times.

Interested users will have to pay $67 a year (£50) or $33 (£25) for a single appointment to Samsung, which will share profits with Babylon. Despite the deal, Babylon — which is in the middle of expanding its coverage to Chinese app WeChat and has an agreement with Saudi Arabia’s ministry of health — is not a perfect service. Some National Health Service doctors in the UK have accused Babylon of only choosing to serve patients with easy-to-treat symptoms, shifting care away from more serious cases.

Despite the initial criticism, Babylon will soon roll out worldwide on Samsung devices, anonymous sources told FT.

Update June 1st, 5:45PM ET: This article has been corrected to reflect that Babylon is a company based in London, UK.