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Watch 7 minutes of Rage 2’s intense Mad Max-style action

Watch 7 minutes of Rage 2’s intense Mad Max-style action


Meet Walker, post-apocalyptic ranger

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We just got a fresh look at Rage 2, and it looks just as chaotic as promised. The post-apocalyptic open-world game from Avalanche Studios will star Walker, described as “the last ranger of the wasteland.” The game promises that you can drive any vehicle you see in the game, and a demo showed off intense vehicle-to-vehicle combat as well as standard first-person, ground-based mayhem.

Last month, Bethesda surprised us by announcing Rage 2, the sequel to a sometimes forgotten 2007 first-person shooter from Id, the makers of Doom. The debut trailer introduced us to a Mad Max-like world running dangerously low on law and order.

Bethesda has promised that Rage 2 will offer us an open-world, first-person shooter where you can “go anywhere, shoot anything, and explore everything.” That sounds roughly in keeping with the original game, which mashed together shooter elements with lots of driving. It was the last game led by Id co-founder John Carmack before he left to work on virtual reality projects at Oculus.

Rage 2 is scheduled to arrive in the spring of next year.