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This horrifying Rage 2 collectible contains the voice of party god Andrew W.K.

Oh, good

The cat’s been out of the bag on Rage 2 ever since Walmart leaked the game on its Canadian retailer site, but Bethesda came to E3 with a few surprises still in hand. After cracking a few jokes about the debacle, a special and unexpected guest came onstage for a performance: musician and party legend Andrew W.K. After a thorough bout of onstage partying, Andrew W.K. departed, but Bethesda appears to be keeping his spirit alive in a very bizarre way.

In addition to some extra in-game items, posters, and so on, The Rage 2 Collector’s Edition will include a horrifying, talking... face(?) that it’s dubbed “Ruckus the Crusher Talking Head.” The mouthy, nightmare version of a singing bass also appears to be voiced by Andrew W.K. “Wanna party with Ruckus?” the mounted head gleefully asks before bursting into an off-key song. Yes, it’s deeply disturbing, but its terrible visage is also the closest most of us will ever get to actually partying with Andrew W.K.

Rage 2 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.